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Audiolab 8200 series

The Audiolab 8200 series marks a new generation of products for a storied British brand. The designers have worked diligently to maintain the ethos of the brand while infusing a level of musicality and modernity into an exciting new line of products.

The construction of the chassis exhibits an extraordinary attention to detail, including perfectly fit aluminum panels that not only add to the quality of build, and design, but also improves the sound quality by reducing magnetic noise. The same attention was given to the internals of each unit, which uses only the finest quality audiophile components. Every product has been designed to the highest standard without compromise.

A new range of digital products allow for extraordinary flexibility for system building, yet maintains Audiolabís simplicity in form and function. A wealth of digital inputs including asynchronous USB will keep Audiolabís DAC/CD units playing music libraries regardless of how it may be stored, today and in the future. The 8200 series introduces a range of products that users will continue to enjoy for years to come.

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