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Modern and stylish 2-way bookshelf and  2-way floor standing speakers for small to medium-sized rooms.
The 6.5 "mid / bass drivers deliver great performance with excellent dynamics.
1" high frequency driver with coated silk dome diaphragm provides generous vocal and instrument details.
Specially crafted paper and composite material mid/bass cones produce unrivaled articulation and pristine performance.
The Neodymium magnets ensure strong magnetic field for authentic reproduction. 
Custom designed crossover assembly extends Tannoy benchmark for excellence. 
Rear ported reflex system enhances the rich and deep bass reproduction
Bracing enclosure greatly reduces vibration from cabinet walls for optimal sound
Front baffle clear of visible screws with zipper grille
Dynamic, articulate, and uncompressed performance breathes new life into your music for a rich sonic experience
This all-new line has been designed and developed in the UK